Where do I put Memory Stick on a Computer

Memory Sticks, or, USB Stick and go in to a slot called a, " USB Port " and stands for - Universal Serial Bus.
This port can be at the front of your computer & the rear of your computer
and is about 1Cm long, by, Half a Cm, from top to bottom, (Cm = Centimetres ).

And looks like This -
USB Port

When you insert a memory stick, it must be inserted straight and up the right way.
This is easy enough as any memory stick will only go in one way, though it is up to you to make it go in straight,
do not force the memory stick or USB stick, it should go in nice and smooth.

If you are having trouble and it does not want to slide in, turn the stick over and try that way.
This also goes for, USB Cables from your Mouse, Keyboard and any other USB device you install, you must put it in straight or the little tiny metal connections inside can break, either your computers USB port, or, your USB memory stick.